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Avoid Being the Next Victim

Hackers are becoming more and more dangerous, and know no qualm or compunction. Regardless of the country or border, current legislations have not been able to adapt to hackers’ increasingly numerous, deep and credible attacks.

In 2016,

The President of the U.S. National Democrat Committee was forced to resign because of a HACK.

Over $80 million were stolen from a bank through a HACK.

Several hundred Geneva-based firms were paralysed by a HACK.

Thousands of confidential data belonging to RUAG and the Swiss Defence were unveiled because of a HACK.

In 2017, you will probably be the target of a HACK. Avoid being the next victim.


ZENData aims to make the cost of cyberattacks against you higher for hackers than the value of your data.


Who are We?

Holding a Master’s Degree from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (ÉPFL) specialised in cybersecurity and cryptography, and having one of the highest-praised world-renowned cryptography experts as a mentor, Steven Meyer has demonstrated his IT capabilities by standing out with his meticulous, cutting-edge approach and his constant search for innovative methods and techniques. Steven Meyer is also a "Certified Information Systems Security Professional" (CISSP), which is the highest certification level required in the cybersecurity field.

After several years of working in large IT corporations and noticing the existence of a conflict of interest within IT companies also providing security solutions, Steven Meyer and Danny Ventura decided to found ZENData in order to supply objective, impartial cybersecurity services. At the forefront of the Geneva market, ZENData boasts a list of clients that includes, among others, law firms, investment funds, banks, family businesses, medical institutions, real estate groups, and numerous SMBs..


"Using generic security solutions in a firm is the same as installing sprinklers in a fireworks plant where smoking is allowed."

Steven Meyer - CEO, CISSP



ZENData deals in nothing but cybersecurity and digital protection. It co-operates with existing suppliers to present a security viewpoint on IT and propose independent solutions.
ZENData gathers, in a single firm, all the best IT protection solutions available on the market. It identifies, jointly with the client, the specific arrangements and steps needed to meet the latter’s requirements based on his own risks and threats, thereby offering made-to-measure protection. In essence, it is mutual collaboration work between the client, the IT providers and ZENData.

With more than 80,000 new malwares created everyday, 150 millions on-line accounts compromised per year, and one intrusion attempt every quarter of an hour, computers are a privileged target for criminals, industrial espionage and master blackmailers.

Nobody is 100% sheltered, for hackers capitalise on each successful pierce-through.

ZENData wants IT security to be a service, not a provision. From that point on, post-attack involvement and action are not invoiced to the client, as they are part and parcel of a global service. As a result, ZENData is under the obligation to implement the finest security tools and procedures possible.

So that a future client can evaluate ZENData expertise, feel reassured about his decision and establish a bond of confidence, we offer the initial consultation free of charge. This lead encounter also enables ZENDatato identify the client’s needs, certain possible deficiencies in his digital environment, and the implications of a possible cyberattack on his firm.

An expert is a person who knows the worst errors that can be committed in his/her field and how to avoid them

Werner Karl

By working with an IT security expert team, you will gain productivity, confidence and peace of mind. Through its founders and collaborators, ZENData has acquired vast, deep knowledge in information technology, security and business process management. This is complemented by its technology and security watch, as well as our experts’ dedication, all of which translates into professionalism, confidence and peace of mind.

ZENData's objective consists in providing innovative IT security, data protection and cyberconsulting services and solutions to ensure levels of security and reliability beyond reproach for all.

We notice today that over 25% of Swiss people receive one malware per year with a 33% risk of financial loss directly tied with the attack.

ZENData is first and foremost a business proud of its collaborators, clients and partners who have made it a leader in the cybersecurity trade during the past few years. Always at the leading edge of technology, ZENData uses new proven and certified applications while working according to best practice and thus demonstrating superior stability and dependability.

ZENData’s clients can testify to our commitment and credibility, which allows them to concentrate on their usual business with peace of mind, knowing they can count on ZENData’s skills and competence.













Our Clients

Your law firm permanently processes a large number of sensitive, confidential data related to your clients. These data are increasingly stored on digital media. Securing this information is essential for protecting these clients’ data, preserving the confidence bond created with them, and maintaining your and their trade secrets.

More importantly, an ill-intentioned third party could, for example, perform industrial espionage in order to negotiate a contract differently or anticipate defence as part of legal proceedings, thus harming your business and even tarnishing your law firm’s image and reputation. This could lead not only to substantial financial losses, but also to your losing clients. Your clients need to feel secure and protected.

Solutions exist to secure telephone calls, data, e-mail message exchange, and security protocol and procedure implementation. These solutions are essential for preserving your business’s continuity and reputation, for they allow you to guard against any and all forms of espionage as well as information loss or theft.

Recent news has shown us again that the dangers can take root just as much internally as externally. Collaborators largely unsensitised to security can mislay or misdirect information. There are also times when unscrupulous collaborators sell information to competitors or other nations for various reasons.

During the 1990s and the early 2000s, hackers attacked computers and information systems just by challenge. Nowadays, their goals are purely financial. These hackers are organised and structured in gangs and act collaboratively.

Your financial institution is an ideal target for this sort of attack, for it holds sensitive information very easily convertible into cash. Within this framework, spearphishing-type attacks and remote-access trojans (RATs) are often used for stealing confidential data from your clients.

In consequence, it is of prime importance to make absolutely sure to prevent critical data from leaving your institution’s walls, whether accidentally or intentionally. This means that you must correctly define how sensitive data are to circulate within the organisation and which control and surveillance policies will be implemented.

It is just as essential to appropriately protect yourself against attacks as to detect a successful intrusion.

Your real estate agency’s database is a crucial strategic asset. The data collected on each of your prospects and clients are sensitive, strictly confidential et private. As a result, they bear very high value for hackers who can use them for identity theft, attacks that need personal information, and blackmail.

In addition, an ill-intentioned person can penetrate your system to modify accounting data in order to lower his/her charges or get his/her file approved.

Currently, your agency’s reputation rests in large measure upon its Internet window, so it is imperative for you to master it. Furthermore, your Web site contains sensitive data such as financial details on your assets whose confidentiality and accuracyhave to be guaranteed.

Your medical institution is brim full of sensitive and confidential data on all your patients.

Patient data availability, protection and integrity are essential for medical personnel to appropriately do their work. However, integrating and guaranteeing data confidentiality are just as critical for respect of patients’ right to privacy as for treating physicians’ independence.

Implementation of solutions for confidential data backups and exchanges between the various physicians as well as protecting your data from loss and theft are inescapable in order to preserve medical institutions’ ethical integrity.

To offer your customers impeccable service, you cannot afford that your Web site infect your customers’ computers. It is even more critical to protect yourself if you operate an e-commerce Web site. Effectively, the database contains sensitive information on customers, such as credit card numbers. The site and database must be continually available in order to allow customers to navigate and make their purchases on line in total confidence and peace of mind.

Information leaks can lead to judicial proceedings, enormous financial setbacks, and loss of your customers’ confidence. Simultaneously, if you operate a store or restaurant and wish to offer your customers Wi-Fi access, you must be sure there is no abuse of your Internet connection or illegal activities.

Thus it is crucial to correctly secure your network and Web site in order to maintain maximum control over your activity while permanently protecting your customers, your retail business and its image and reputation.

As a journalist, you are often the target of cyberattacks. Indeed, the past few years have seen an unprecedented increase in cyberattacks on media organisations.

The Web and all the social networks represent an incredible bargain for this type of activity, because they allow users to make content circulate quickly. But this type of tool is a two-bladed sword, for this technology’s complexity and paperless nature make the information more vulnerable. It is just as imperative to protect anonymity as the information’s sources and accuracy.

Your NGO, based on its activities and ideologies, can run into political opponents who have substantial means to steal your information or silence you. In order to carry out your mission without falling victim to any wrongdoings, it is indispensable to implement countermeasures intended for protecting your employees working on the mission and any associated political, personal or confidential data. This will enable you to avoid, for example, that opponents steal your membership list or that your Web site get disfigured or even censured.

ZENData, based on its convictions and commitment, provides special rates for certain NGOs to help them protect themselves and maintain their information systems continuously secured.

Generations of children and teenagers born with the new information and communication technologies (ICT) often understand computers and computing better than teachers, trainers or parents. However, responsibility for the use of ICT and the ensuing consequences falls to adults. Computers, tablets and telephones represent a considerable risk for your children and yourself. Nevertheless, confidence does not exclude control, and this is why there exist numerous simple and effective solutions for controlling content and activity that pass through the Internet.
It is essential to protect your children against the many dangers of the Internet while still enabling them to freely discover cyberspace.

Secured e-mail solutions and surveillance methods exist, and allow parents to see to it that their children use the Internet appropriately while leaving them the freedom to communicate in their exchanges. Regulated and limited Wi-Fi and Internet access services allow them to discover an Internet adapted to their ages and needs. It is also possible to control their use of their telephones and impose limits on content and duration of use.

As a small or medium-sized business owner or independent entrepreneur, you do not necessarily have the time needed to take care of or feel like handling your IT infrastructure’s security. Yet you are one of cybercriminals’ favourite targets, for they count on easiness in attacking in order to quickly maximise returns on their time; and unlike with large firms, an attack could put your business in jeopardy and severely harm your image and reputation.

Subcontracting to a specialised firm represents the optimal solution. Experts take charge of your security while you keep focusing on your core business. Subscribing to IT protection ensures confidentiality of your data, recovery in case of loss or theft, and sustainability of your firm.

Individuals are part of computer hackers’ privileged targets.

Effectively, with the advent of mobile devices and the Internet of Things, including smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and game consoles, home automation is developing more and more. In addition, the growing trend of home-based offices has been speeding up the phenomenon, which requires increased security vigilance.

Each individual has an alarm system installed to protect his/her house’s or office’s physical belongings, without thinking of cyberattacks. These can open up a general access to not only the person’s personal and confidential data, but also his/her employer’s. These attacks can eventually cause major financial damage.

Hackers try to exploit people’s naïve nature to steal their bank debit card PIN, impersonate their identities, install malware, take their data hostage via ransomware, defraud their money or burglarise them. As an individual, you are surely not completely sheltered from cybercrimes. This is why there exist data centralisation and protection solutions allowing you to take full advantage of your computer, telephone and Internet connection knowing that you, your family, your data and, ultimately, your life are permanently protected.

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